WOLF 10.9 (iOS & Android)

We’ve been beavering away on an update that brings our online festival experience even more to life!

  • Revamped Discover tab
  • Link posts
  • GIF keyboard support for Android

Revamped Discover experience

When you scroll through the new Discover tab you’ll notice a whole new world of WOLF exploration. The new Discover experience makes it so much easier to find fun events and shows to attend, great new Rooms to join, and get a general vibe for all the different things going on at The World’s Online Festival.

Now as you’re checking out Discover, you’ll come across video section, featuring highlights from the latest WOLF Stream!, tutorials, as well as highlighting some of the best shows on WOLF. We’ll be putting some of the best Rooms on WOLF in the spotlight, making user events easier to find and join, and showing off what WOLF’s got going on in-app. Give it a scroll and see what you find!

Link posts

Posting links is now a much more satisfying experience, with a preview generated whenever you copy a link into the chatbox. This includes URLs to external sites, links to other WOLF Rooms, image links, etc. Of course, if you only want to send the link and not the preview, then you can always close the preview by tapping on the “X” button.

Gif keyboard support for Android

Androiders – let the Gifs commence!

Dwight Lets Do This GIF by The Office


And, as always, there are the usual bug fixes and improvements as well as an updated image editor for iOS.

See you in the app! 👋