Charms of the Month 2022 are back for a limited time only!

We know you loved them, but may have missed some. Here’s your last chance to grab your favourite Charms of the Month and unlock all the achievements. Find out about what is being released and when here.

Please note - All releases will only last for 24HRS in the store, so keep a close eye on the store and make sure you don’t miss out on any of the releases!

Release schedule:

Tuesday 10th Jan 2022

Charms of the Month from January, February and March will be released

Wednesday 11th Jan 2022 

Charms of the Month from April, May and June will be released 

Thursday 12th Jan 2022

Charms of the Month from July, August and September will be released

Friday 13th Jan 2022

Charms of the Month from October, November and December will be released

To unlock the Bot Master Achievement of 2022, you can continue to unlock any of your missing Achievements in the following Bots and locations:

Jan 2022 – Fishing Bot (Location Atlantis)

Feb 2022 – Hunter Bot (Location Europe)

March 2022 – Heist Bot 

April 2022 – Jockey Bot (You have to win a race wearing an April COTM)

May 2022 – Heist Bot 

June 2022 – Fishing Bot (All locations)

July 2022 – Hunter Bot (All locations)

August 2022 – Heist Bot 

Sept 2022 – Fishing Bot (All locations)

Oct 2022 – Hunter Bot (All locations)

Nov 2022 – Heist Bot 

Dec 2022 – Heist Bot