Introducing updates to Group Achievements.

Group Achievements

Celebrating individual accomplishments has been a massive part of the WOLF experience, so we’re all really excited to be extending this to Groups! Running an awesome Group, with great shows, chat, and entertainment is what keeps our community vibing and (insert youthful slang here). Now it’s time to recognise all the hard work a Group owner and their team put into creating and maintaining their space.

You’ll find Achievements for placing on our Leaderboard, having essential bots to enhance your Group, and being part of our Ambassador program.

Check out how it all looks!

Tapping on the Achievement’s section will open up a new screen. At the top of the screen, you’ll see your most recently acquired Achievements.

Achievement Types

Let’s have a quick recap on Achievement types…

  • Single: Typically awarded for a special event
  • Multi-Step: An Achievement like a task list that completes when all tasks have been achieved.
  • Scaled: For more focused tasks, such as ranking on our leaderboards weekly.

  • Group Achievements are split into several categories, which relate to the nature of the Achievement.
  • “Levels” are a way of measuring the difficulty of certain Achievements, with “1” being the easiest, and “5” being the most difficult. There are also “special” Achievements, such as being in our Ambassador program.
  • A padlock icon indicates an Achievement yet to be earned.
    • Single: Will stay locked until you have met the single requirement.
    • Multi-Step: Will stay locked until all Achievement tasks are completed.
    • Scaled: Will unlock when achieved at least one “step” of the Achievement.
  • Grid/List View:
Viewing/Celebrating Achievements

When you earn a new Achievement, or complete a task in an Achievement, you’ll be greeted with a special screen upon tapping a notification.

You can also tap an Achievement to see what its requirements are, as well as other information:

  • Achievement title, description, and level.
  • The % of Groups that have a certain Achievement
  • How many tasks have been completed, as well as completed tasks.

Stability Improvements

There have been various stability improvements, as well as the usual bug fixes and optimisations.

10.8.1 [Android]

  • The image editor has been improved to offer better functionality.
  • Various stability and performance improvements.