6 Tips for Creating a Great Show on WOLF

Over the past year, we’ve seen tons of artists and performers going online to bring their shows and gigs directly to the screens of their fan’s phones. Here at WOLF we have an array of daily shows going on; from comedy nights to singing competitions, and quiz nights to talk shows, with some off-the-cuff entertainment thrown in for good measure!

And the beauty of this new normal is the interactivity between audience and performer! Rolling out a script or set list and having one-way conversations with an audience has been replaced with more engaging experiences where performers can actually have a conversation with their fans, take their requests or and even bring them on (the virtual) stage with them!

Add to this the accessibility of performing that this offers – anyone can put on a show in WOLF and we all can become the performer we want to be! Why not practice those DJ sets you’ve only played to yourself in your bedroom, finally try your hand at a rap battle or see whether your stand-up comedy sinks or swims, all through the app on your phone?

We’re here to give you the top tips on how to create, perform and promote the ultimate WOLF Show! Now all you have to do is decide what show you’re going to put on…

1. Make sure you choose the best room

Given that you’re most likely going to be at home, make sure that you audio stream from a room that has the least amount of reverb – that means no hard, shiny surfaces like wooden floors or tiled walls (basically don’t do it from your bathroom…for a multitude of other reasons, but also the noise!)

Choose somewhere that will minimise echo and dampen out other sounds so that only your dulcet tones can be heard! If you’re singing or playing an instrument, just have a walk around the house to see where you sound the best. 

2. Use a microphone

Once you’ve settled into your chosen spot, if possible, use a microphone to ensure that your voice sounds even better rather than streaming directly into your phone. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy-dancy, a simple, small standing one will do the job.

Next, make sure that where you place your microphone isn’t too close to a wall or a corner. Place yourself as far away as possible from a reflective surface. Basically, the middle of the room is where you want to be!

 3. Promote your Show!

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to do a Show, create the event well in advance so that you can promote it and get people to come along!

Here are some tips on how to create and edit an event in the app to make it eye-catching and intriguing to entice people along. 

Once you’ve created the event tell your friends, family and next door neighbour about it. Share your group with other WOLF groups to spread the word. Be your own hype person and get the peeps to come and support you!

4. Know your tools

Spice up your performance with features such as themed Stages and DJ Deck. 

Depending on your performance you can choose different themed stages to match your vibe. Putting on a gig? Choose the Concert Stage. Doing some stand-up? The Theatre Stage will be the one you want. Or maybe the Shisha Stage will be just what you need. 

If you’re putting on a Show in someone else’s Group, buddy up with the Group owner, who acts like the venue host, to help prep your perfect stage. 

DJ Deck gives you some more advanced tools for controlling the stage by letting you play your own audio files or adding your own sound effects for example. Find out more about how DJ Deck works here.

Sometimes a Show can go by in a whirlwind so there’s also the option to record it. Use this to relive the experience or maybe review it for ways to make your next Show even better! Watch the video below for a quick tutorial on how to record your screen.

5. Embrace the comments!

Of course the majority of comments will be from your adoring fans, and it’s cool to engage and interact with the audience – that’s what makes WOLF so unique! So embrace the comments and invite interaction. However, try not to let them distract you during your performance if they don’t add to the overall experience. Wait until after to answer or engage in any chat about the Show.

6. Don’t aim for perfection

And finally, don’t worry about putting on a Show of perfection! The beauty of this type of streaming is that it’s meant, and expected, to be raw and authentic. Mistakes, mishaps, and going a bit rogue is all part of the fun!