WOLF 11.1

In this latest release, we’re giving Group Owners even more ways to control the type of content in their Group, now available on both Android and iOS. Read on to find out what’s new.


You’ll now find a bank of sound effects in the broadcast toolbar which can be played while on Stage. What’s more, you can even swap in new sound effects from our sound bank to replace the 5 default sounds.

Group Controls

An exciting new feature, giving Group Owners better control on the type of content in their Group, including the rate the content is displayed and the type of content that can be posted within their Group. Group Admins will also be able to update these settings. Here’s what’s new:

  • Slow mode – Control the speed of content, limiting it to 15 seconds per user. A great feature to use to manage shows, Group owners and admins are able to limit the content, allowing for time between each content sent by the same user.
  • Disable images/links – This feature allows Group Owners and Admins to disable users from sending images or links. 
  • Disable voice messages – This stops voice messages from being sent within the Group.


  • We’ve made app performance improvements as well as other general bug fixes.