WOLF 10.2 [iOS & Android]

We’ve introduced Social Sign-In, a new Entertainer Tag, and Home screen enhancements in WOLF 10.2 for iOS & Android.

Addition of Social Account Creation and Sign-In

Now, when you hit the Sign-In button, it is now possible to create an account through various trusted social applications or sign in if you already own an account. You can; Sign in with Google, Sign in with Apple or Sign in with Facebook.

NOTE: For those that have an existing account, you can tap “Sign in with Palringo” and enter your email address and password as usual. However, we encourage you to link your account for added authenticity. For further information, visit this Support Page.

Entertainer Tag

The Entertainer Tag is a Yellow Tag, (similar to the volunteer tag) that appears next to users’ names in the chat screen and on their profile, The users who have this tag have distinguished themselves in the app as Entertainers and regularly put on high-quality audio shows in the app and have been chosen by our staff.

Home Screen Enhancements

There has been a change to the hierarchy of the Home Screen tab:

  • Credits: Beneath your user name, you can now clearly see your Credit balance.
  • Promo: A new banner will be present when there is an ongoing in-app promotion.
  • The Store and Newsfeed buttons have been reworked.
  • Achievements: a section featuring your most recent Achievements.


Various Android performance improvements for Group Lists.

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