Hero Squad IV: The Quest For Rep

Hero Squad is back and looking better than ever. Dust off your cape and whip out the oil so you can squeeze into that spandex because we’re having a challenge.

Along with totally new art assets, we’ve permanently released the once limited-time events Riotrix & Dr. Borg!

NOTE: You can only catch Riotrix & Dr. Borg once, and to do so, you will have to unlock several pre-requisites.

Hero Squad and its Boosters will have a 50% Rep Promo from 24 Feb, 2:00 PM GMT- 2:00 PM GMT, 09 March.


You have from 24 Feb, 2:00 PM GMT- 2:00 PM GMT, 09 March to complete the Challenge.

  • Personal Goal: 100 missions
  • Global Goal: 500,000 people rescued


Rewards: 5,000 Rep

To unlock the reward, you must complete both the Personal and everyone must reach the Global Goal.

Get out there and start saving the world!