Give for Good Festival 2022

It’s been a month of exhilarating challenges, big prizes, and our community giving back, so we wanted to say thanks for your amazing generosity!

This year, we celebrated in our usual way: with a month of big challenges, big prizes and even bigger ways to give back. We’re proud to say that our community has once again come together for a good cause, raising funds for our two partner charities: Action Against Hunger and Save The Children.

The Ramadan Virtual Tents also made a comeback with shows running throughout the month, providing a space for our community to engage with each other through shows dedicated to poetry, sports and lifestyle.

We had fun throughout the month, but let’s not forget the reason we all came together as a community. We are happy to announce that a total sum of $185,000 was raised for Action Against Hunger and Save The Children. None of this would have been possible without the kind generosity of our community, so once again a big thank you to everyone.

For the past four weeks, users have taken part in challenges, catching items and competing with each other. We’d like to recognise some of WOLF’s biggest contributors:

These 3 Groups helped donate the most to Give for Good 2022.

  1. 18438921 
  2. 18324145 
  3. 50

These Top 3 users individually helped donate the most for Give for Good 2022.

  1.  3009 
  2.  31032014 
  3.  4443

We’ll be rewarding the Top User and Top Group with a unique Achievement! Thanks so much for your generous donations.

We can’t believe it’s already the end of Give for Good Festival 2022!

We’re so grateful for all of you who took part in our fundraising efforts, and we’re so proud of how much money we were able to raise for our two partner charities. Together, we can continue to make the world a better place for the people who need it the most.